Glutathione Injection - Glutax 2000gs Recombined White Injections

Glutathione is the strongest antioxidant available on the earth for cleaning of the liver, detoxification of the body, sharpening of the brains and of course for getting fair skin complexion. Glutax 2000gs Recombined White Injections contains some other important ingredients which are beneficial for overall health of the skin. Thus, this injection is very popular all over the world among the people who desires fair and youthful skin.


The essential ingredients in Glutax 2000gs Recombined White are as follows:

  • Glutathione-2000G
  • Collagen Natural- 800mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 700mg
  • CinnamomumSubavenium- 325mg
  • EGF- 2000mg
  • Kojic Acid - 500mg
  • Pro Coenzyme Q10- 600mg
  • Multivitamin - 3500mg
  • Selenio- 600mg
  • Stem cells
  • Makes the skin fair and lustrous by washing out free radicals and toxic ingredients.
  • Controls appearance of pores on the skin which otherwise go on increasing drastically with age.
  • Reduces acne and pimples. Also lightens blemishes remarkably.
  • Enhances flexibility of skin and maintains such flexibility for a long time.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines quite effectively.
  • Acts as an excellent detoxifier and energy enhancer.
  • Controls secretion of enzymes and hormones.
  • Enhances memory and concentration.

In some specific medical conditions willing individuals are asked to stop injecting it:

  • Pregnant women should avoid the product till the delivery and thereafter expert advice is needed to apply it and also for the correct dosages.
  • While breastfeeding mothers should not take this injection.
  • People should avoid the injection if they are allergenic to vitamins.
  • People with cardiovascular diseases should also avoid the injection.

The injections can be applied intravenously once a week for a period of two months. Though the result varies from person to person depending upon their metabolic capacity, people mostly get desired result within that period. Thereafter, the dosages can be reduced to once injection a month to maintain the achieved result.